Why private investors are key to the growth Kenyan football.

The main issue affecting kenyan football is money.Almost every team inthe top league has been in a financial.Players and coaches are not getting paid and this reflects on their on pitch performances which are below average.

This can be solved if private investors take over clubs and put maximum effort into making them better and competitive.Wazito fc and Mt.kenya united were taken over at the sametime by diffrent investors who promised the same things yet it seems that the Mt.Kenya united owner has continued widening the hole left by his predecesors.
Wazito owner Ricardo Badoer onthe other hand has been delivering on his promises and the team look set to achieve promotion back into the top flight.

We need Multi-Millionares and big companies such as Safaricom and media groups to take over football clubs and develop a proper competitive league.This obviously a big risk and just like any other business you need to take risks to enjoy rewards.We are falling further and further behind other teams in Africa like Enyimba,Horoya,Vipers and Pyramids have been all taken over by private investors inthe last couple of years and have all been a success.

The Indian super league is a great example it was launched in 2013 by IMG reliance,star sports and the all India football federation.It is a closed league with ten teams owned by businessmen,former cricket players and bollywood stars.The ISL’s marketing strategies have been impressive all teams now fill up big stadium and tv audiences are rising year after year in a society that sees cricket as a gift from God it is amazing to see how league is being run.The I league that still runs was formed in 1996 and struggled due to lack of popularity and poor marketing.The success of the ISL has has been reflected on the national team at all levels with both the youth teams and the first team enjoying a great deal of success.Good young players are being produced locally developed coaches are onthe rise aswell.

Both Australia and the US who both have the same league format are now begining to produce a cluster of youngsters on a regular basis.

A more competive league means teams will have proper academies and the flow of talent will be unbelivable.Scouting will be well done and this will help both inthe development of local coaches and the national team at all levels.Young people are the future and investment into them is needed.

German football is booming, reaping the rewards of the strategy drawn up after their dismal performances at Euro 2000, when Germany finished bottom of their group. Forced into an overhaul of youth football, the DFB, the Bundesliga and the clubs decided that the development of more technically proficient homegrown players would be in everyone’s best interests. This led to the creation of academies right across the top two divisions and the results have been briliant.

We all know how much kenyans love football,According to 2017 statistics Kenya was inthe top two nations when it came to the viewership of top Epl sides Manchester United and Arsenal.

Football in kenya is not well marketed,the Sportpesa cup and Chapa Dimba were well advertised by sportpesa and Safaricom respectively and it showed with the high number of turnout.

These local companies whom more than 90% of their customers are Kenyans should be doing more for the community and investing into football rather than throwing money at greedy chairmans inform of spornsorships.It will all good PR so it is a win win.

At the end of the day one thing should be clear that it doesn’t matter how much petrol you put into a car if the driver is bad you’ll probably end up crashing,the same can be said for kenyan football.

By Abdisitar Ali

Football transfer news,rumours and many more

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