Craziest north African derbies

1.Casablanca derby
It is between Raja casablanca and wydad casablanca.The Casablanca derby has extensive national media coverage and is a topic of debate for several days before and after the match between the fans of both clubs, whether in the streets, schools or workplace.The clubs first met in 1956 with raja winning 1-0 they met for the second time in 1957 wydad won 3-0. On october 20th 2007 during an encounter between rival supporters hamza Eddali a 17 year wydad fan died. April 18, 2010, after Raja beat Wydad with a score of one to none, a fight broke out between Wydad and Raja fans, resulting in injuries and property damage. Over one hundred people were arrested.Wydad have won 19 league titles and 9 domestic cups to raja’s 11 league titles and 8 cup wins.Raja have a superior record in continential competitions where they have won 6 titles to wydad’s

2.Algiers derby
Between USMA and MCA. The first met in 1940 with MC alger winning 4-1.Drama occurred on 21 September, ten minutes after the end of the match between USM Alger and MC Alger. Part of the platform 13 from the Olympic Stadium collapsed, killing two spectators, and injuring several hundred others in Algiers. The ground was literally stolen from under the feet of the victims as they took the stairs no. 5 to leave the platform and celebrate the victory. “The overload in this part of the stadium, and the large number of supporters eventually provoked this incident,” said Youcef Kara, director of the Olympic complex.They have met 160 times MCa have won 40 times whilst USMA have won 29 times.Both have clubs have won the same number of league titles 7 and cups 8.MCA have won the champions league once.

1.Cairo derby
Between Zamalek and Al ahly. First mate in a friendly in 1917 al ahly won 1-0.Ever since their creation, both clubs have been the top clubs in the Egyptian Premier League, the country’s top-flight football league. In the first half of the twentieth century. Ahly won their first league title when the Egyptian Premier League was first created in the 1948-49 season and won 39 domestic titles after that. Zamalek managed to win the league 12 times only.

The largest winning margin in this derby was 6-0 for Zamalek This was in 1944 Egypt Cup Final. While the largest winning margin in the League was 6-1 respectively for Al-Ahly. A margin that was repeated twice by Al-Ahly once in 1942 and in 2002. Fans of both clubs can be violent when in anger. Numerous fights, injuries and deaths have been reported before matters became more controlled due to Egypt’s authoritarian regime. Yet many fights and riots still occur after derby matches between both sets of fans, leading the government to post even higher numbers of Central Security Forces troops in the stadium during the derby. The number of fights have increased with the increasing popularity of the “ultras” movement.

Matches between both teams can be decisive. Whenever they meet in the Egypt Cup the winner usually goes on to win the cup, or at least grab the runners up medal. Moreover, the team which has the aggregate result on its favor in the league rarely misses the chance to win the Egyptian Premier League.

Non-Egyptian referees are often flown in to officiate the derby in order to ensure impartiality.

In 2018, World Soccer Magazine selected the Cairo Derby as the 10th most fierce derby in the world.Besides the estimated 50 million domestic TV audience, the game is huge all over North Africa, the Middle East and the entire world.Al ahly have won 105 trophies whilst zamalek have won 29.

By Abdisitar Ali

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